Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing 5

I think that flicker tools are fun if you have a lot of time for trial and error. Once a person is used to the system I am sure that the time it takes do so something would decrease.


Thing 5

Pewter Ransom Font h DSC_0036 Pewter Ransom Font L l O

A Few flowers to cheer a person on a very very snowy day. Spring weather is just around the corner. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the last (hopefully) snow of the season.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thing 4

Now I know what flickr is. It was easy to set up and make comments. I did not get the photos in quite the order I wanted but at this point that is okay. I already have a site where I share photos and that is great for my family. We can share our vacation photos even though we are geographically separated. Flickr is great because it has easy access.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thing 3

Okay. Okay. I am a little behind the power curve but I am back in the saddle. Actually, I could not sit very well the last few weeks so it was difficult to sit at the computer for any length of time--even 30 seconds. Reading the RSS info was going to take more than 30 seconds so I put it off. My husband said I should act my age and not go white water rafting. I said that had nothing to do with my back being 'a pain' and not being able to sit.

I enjoyed setting up the RSS feeds. It took no time at all and seems like having info sent to you rather than looking for it saves time. I noticed my computer with also has an automatic area to have RSS feeds sent to it that does not need to go to a "feed server".

Bye for now

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thing 2

I just finished the video and found it interesting. Stephan Abram was very energetic and enthusiastic regarding how libraries will be changing with the integration of newer computer technologies. I have not tried Myspace and/or Facebook yet but I agree with some of the other blogs that I do not need or want my personal thoughts and feelings out for everyone to read. However, I still would like to learn alot of Lib 2.0 to find what technologies are being used and how they are used. Abram's mentioned as adult learners that reflecting on what we learn is part of the learning process. How true it is!

The internet is great for researching whether books to read, traveling, access to libraries, downloading books or music, games, tracking children's grades, communicating with distant relatives & friends, recipes, genealogy, etc. With high-speed internet access the internet is a great resource as long as a person budgets their time. It can also be a great time stealer if a person doesn't put limits on usage.

I know very little about 2.0 but want to learn. I love learning new things. Change is inevitable. However, we can not lose the concept that libraries are people helping people. One of the articles you refered us to mentioned that we need to make our technology user friendly because we do not have the resources to individually teach each customer how to use the computer technologies.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thing 1.

Yeah!! I finally set up my blog. The blog site wasn't too difficult to set up but it took a little time to select and export my avatar.